The Vampire Brides and the Frat Boy Excerpt

Cover for The Vampire Brides and the Frat Boy featuring a man facing front and his head thrown back with two women, one blond and one brunette, biting his throat.

Someone cut the lights and the room went black. He shot his arm out and grabbed Kevin’s shoulder. Someone carrying a candle walked through the wall off to his right. The lights behind him turned up a little and he could see it was some chick wearing a cloak. Her dark hair streamed out from under the hood that hid half of her face.

“Welcome to the Bailey Home for Haunts. I am Cressida, your guide. For part of your journey, at least. You are asked not to touch any of the residents or face the wrath of being dragged down into Hell. Whom amongst you is Brent?”

Brent raised his hand, but the woman, Cressida, held up her hand. “Stop, Brent. I will come to you.”

Ryan thought she’d go straight to him, but instead she walked through the class. She paused at the Sig Ep pledge, and it looked like Cressida said something to her because he saw her eyes widen a bit. Then Cressida moved on and stopped where he stood, hand still clasping Kevin’s shoulder.

She looked him up and down, a small smile curving her lips. “They have chosen well.”

He frowned, but before he could ask what she meant, she headed to where Brent waited for her. She held the candle up to his teacher’s face and then plucked something from his shoulder. He saw her lips move again, so she said something, but he couldn’t make it out. She started leading the way out of the room, and he caught sight of Brent jerk and look over his shoulder. No one was that close to him, so Ryan figured Brent was going to piss his pants at some point during the tour.

They filed down the hall and clustered in a room with a bed sheet strung halfway across it. Bright lights flashed behind it to show two silhouettes. One held what looked to be an old saw. He chuckled. They’d done something similar in their haunted house.

He snuck a glance out into the hall to see if he could get ahead of the group and maybe scare a couple of girls, but a woman stood at the opposite end from where they’d come. Light shone from behind her and through her sheer dress so he could make out her totally smoking body. Super curvy, her boobs would probably fill his hands. Blonde curls streamed down from some kind of updo with one long lock trailing alongside her breast. She smiled at him and held up her finger to her lips. The light went out for a second, and when it came back on, she was gone.


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