Beware the Bear

Cover for Beware the Bear featuring a physically fit young man wearing only jeans and bondage ropes artistically tied around his chest.Beware the Bear is an erotic adaptation of the Snow White and Rose Red fairy tale. Rosa, also known as Red, and Bonnie, also known as White, are partners in blogging and life who document their BDSM lifestyle to educate and entertain. They decide to go for an adventure in the woods, and encounter two very different men.

Release date: December 1, 2013
Available at: Amazon | Smashwords

Blurb: Two naughty bloggers, Red and White, head off to the woods for a weekend adventure. On the way, they are warned of young women disappearing in the area. During a storm the night of their arrival, an unknown entity knocks on their door.

Warning: Contains two bloggers interested in knots and floggers, an ursine guardian, and a creepy man who doesn’t like having his hair cut.


They climbed in to the car and drove the remaining way to their cabin nestled into a cove of trees. It had gingerbread siding and a bright green roof. Inside they found a stone fireplace large enough to roast a small child. The kitchen lacked modern styling, but had the basics–a refrigerator, a stove and a sink. They put away their groceries before inspecting the bedroom. The one bed was queen-sized, which was a blessing as most cabins only had two twins. They’d brought their own bedding, preferring silk sheets to pair with the rough hemp of their ropes.

After making the bed, Red returned to the main living space to call the ranger station. She reported the man, and was assured the rangers would send an investigator out. She was also informed that a storm was expected, so it might be prudent to refrain from exploring too far lest she be caught out in the rain and wind.

When she relayed this to White, White decided to take advantage of the light for a quick shoot. Deciding time was of the essence they packed up small kits. Red consulted the map they’d been given as part of their check-in materials and discovered a small clearing marked about a mile’s hike away from their cabin.

White examined it and thought it the perfect location. “I do hope none of our potential neighbors are about. I would hate for a family to discover us.”

Red laughed. “I bet the parents would have to explain a few other things besides our play.”

White’s eyes twinkled, but she led the way into the woods. The clearing, a small meadow, was indeed as isolated as they had hoped. Neither had they encountered anyone on the path. While Red set up the camera equipment, White stripped down to her skin. She adored the feeling of the sun warming her body, and felt it prudent to go nude as often as possible.


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