New release! Beware the Bear

I’m so, so, so pleased to make available my newest story, Beware the Bear. It’s a BDSM adaptation of one of my favorite fairy tales, Snow White and Rose Red. I loved playing with a fairy tale voice while writing it. I hope you enjoy reading it!

Cover for Beware the Bear featuring a physically fit young man wearing only jeans and bondage ropes artistically tied around his chest.

Right now it’s available through Amazon and Smashwords and should be up at the Nook and Kobo stores soon.


Happy Thanksgiving!

I wanted to thank all of you readers on this, one of my most favorite of holidays! I hope if you’re celebrating, it’s with people you love. If you’re not celebrating, I hope you’re able to read a great book 😉

Halloween sale for The Witch’s Plaything!!

The Witch’s Plaything is going on sale for 99 cents for Halloween! The price changes should slowly be trickling through the various stores in the next few hours. As a special for those of you who have already bought The Witch’s Plaything at $2.99, I want to thank you by sending you either a copy of my next release which is fairy tale erotica, or your choice of The Vampire Brides and the Frat Boy or The Ghost and the Sorority Virgin. To claim this offer, forward a copy of your receipt for The Witch’s Plaything at the $2.99 price dated 10/31/2013 or earlier to deenamarlowe[at] Thank you so much for your support, and I hope you enjoy!!

The Ghost and the Sorority Virgin

Cover for The Ghost and the Sorority Virgin featuring a young woman sitting in profile with one leg angled up with her arm resting on it and the other leg lying flat. At the foot of the leg lying flat is a ghostly image of a man.The Haunted Hijinks trilogy is complete! Tonight I uploaded The Ghost and the Sorority Virgin to all of the retail outlets, and as usual, Smashwords is the first to have it for sale 🙂 Here’s the blurb:

After family tragedies delayed her start at the University of Good Hope, Ashleigh Wilcox is diving into college life with a vengeance by rushing the Chi chapter of the Sigma Epsilon sorority. An anthropology class field trip to a haunted house takes a turn for the weird when she’s separated from the group, and is seduced by a ghost who claims to be her dead husband.

WARNING: Contains a virgin who’s not going to give it up to just anyone, a ghost in need of a virgin sacrifice to break a curse, and otherworldly orgasms.

You can read the excerpt and I’ll be adding the direct links to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo there when they become available.

The Vampire Brides and the Frat Boy update!

The Vampire Brides and the Frat Boy is now for sale at all the major retailers! Mostly 🙂 For some reason, it’s showing up as “pre-order” at Kobo, but I’m hoping that should change over to a regular “buy” button since today is listed as the “on sale” date. If you want to sample. you can read the excerpt. If you’d like to buy, it’s at Amazon, Nook, Kobo and Smashwords.