The Ghost and the Sorority Virgin

Cover for The Ghost and the Sorority Virgin featuring a young woman sitting in profile with one leg angled up with her arm resting on it and the other leg lying flat. At the foot of the leg lying flat is a ghostly image of a man.The Haunted Hijinks trilogy is complete! Tonight I uploaded The Ghost and the Sorority Virgin to all of the retail outlets, and as usual, Smashwords is the first to have it for sale 🙂 Here’s the blurb:

After family tragedies delayed her start at the University of Good Hope, Ashleigh Wilcox is diving into college life with a vengeance by rushing the Chi chapter of the Sigma Epsilon sorority. An anthropology class field trip to a haunted house takes a turn for the weird when she’s separated from the group, and is seduced by a ghost who claims to be her dead husband.

WARNING: Contains a virgin who’s not going to give it up to just anyone, a ghost in need of a virgin sacrifice to break a curse, and otherworldly orgasms.

You can read the excerpt and I’ll be adding the direct links to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo there when they become available.


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